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Drug Charges

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Our Washington drug crime lawyers can help.

Our Washington drug crime lawyers can help.


Law enforcement agencies at all levels in Washington, from local police to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), are cracking down on drug crimes in our state, and if you have been charged you must take action to defend your rights. Washington is recognized as a major area for drug trafficking, with SeaT ac airport, the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma, and the I-5 corridor traveling from Mexico to Canada.

Marijuana and methamphetamines are among the most prevalent drugs in our area, but the authorities are equally interested in possession or distribution of all types of controlled substances, including prescription drugs.

Washington criminal attorney Jason S. Newcombe has experience representing clients against drug charges, and we urge you to contact our firm for a confidential consultation so that you can learn more about your rights and allow us to begin work on your defense. When you are accused of a VUCSA (Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act)offense such as drug manufacturing, cultivation or possession, your future may be at stake, and you deserve the finest available legal representation.


Drug crime penalties in Washington State.


The penalty you face depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Type of drug – The criminal justice system categorizes drugs according to a schedule of controlled substances and provides harsher sentences for offenses involving more dangerous narcotics. 

  • Quantity of drugs – You can expect to receive a lighter sentence for possession of marijuana in a small amount that is intended for your own personal use than for possession with intent to distribute large quantities. 

  • Your prior criminal record – If this is your first arrest, you may be permitted to participate in a diversion program or take advantage of the first-time offender wavier, whereas if you have previously been convicted of a drug crime you are more likely to receive the full sentence.

A Washington criminal attorney from our firm can advise you of the specific penalty you are likely to receive based on the evidence in your case, and will work closely with you to develop a strategy for securing an acquittal or seeking to have the charges reduced or dismissed.


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